Craft Ideas Using Rocks

Craft Ideas Using Rocks

Rocks and river stones are a wonderful material. There is almost no limit to their use in crafts. Lack of imagination is probably the only limiting factor.

Rocks can be used either for making decorative-only items or useful every-day items that may also serve as decorations. Virtually any everyday item can be modified to fulfill the role of decoration too. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and skilful hands.

The first step is to decide whether you want to make home-decoration or garden-decoration. Once the decision is made, it is a time to choose the exact object.

Home-decoration ideas

 You can improve many items by gluing stones to them. Using beautifully colored rocks to do so is a great idea. However, avoid any impulse projects. Always plan your decorating efforts in advance, otherwise the results might be unsatisfying.

Choose the item you want to decorate first. Tables, lamps and storage boxes make up a good choice. However, you can choose other furniture, walls, floor or even appliances too. Just pick up the object and then think about how it could be decorated. For example, you can cover your tea-table with a beautiful stone mosaic or enhance an ugly storage box by gluing some pretty stones onto it. Wall or floor can also be covered with mosaic composed of tiny colorful rocks.

It is also a good idea to consult your family or friends before you start decorating anything. They will surely provide you with some useful critique and new ideas.

Another option is to make entirely new items. Paperweight is a great example of useful item. Rocks are an especially adequate material for this purpose. There are many different forms your stone paperweight can take on. You can make an animal or human statue. Softer rocks are great for making statues. A single rock can be shaped into a statue or you can glue several smaller ones together. Paperweight can also take form of miniature buildings, flowers, cars and virtually any other object. These paperweights can also be used as purely decorative items.

Small rocks can be used for making smaller storage boxes too. These hutches can be made entirely of rocks. However, the best choice is to make a wooden hutch and cover its exterior with small rocks. Tiny colorful rocks will make the best cover for your decorative hutch.

Garden-decoration ideas

Beautiful rock decorations will differentiate your garden from those of your neighbors. You will need bigger rocks for making some of them. However, there are decorations that can be made out of small river rocks too.

Miniature buildings make up a great garden decoration. Although they will be much bigger than your paperweight structures, the material will probably be the same. Smaller river rocks with smooth edges are the best ones to use. They can be used for building miniature castles, cathedrals, pyramids or any other structure you can imagine. You can even make smaller versions of famous natural scenes by using bigger rocks and other materials and plants.

If there is a brook flowing through your garden, you can build a beautiful stone-bridge across it. However, such a bridge should only have decorative purpose unless you are a skilled builder or you invite one to plan and build the bridge for you.

It is not that hard to find a use for rocks and river stones in your craft. Articles like this one will provide some basic craft ideas for using these natural materials. Once you get the basic idea what to make, your creativity and skill will guide you to fulfilling your goals.

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